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Urban Dictionary: vintage.
Vintage is also a type of clothing or a way to dress. Vintage clothing can be found in charity shops, or big high street brands like tatty devine, urbanoutfitters or beyond vintage. Lots of vintage things can also be found in camden or camden market.
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Jaguar XJ 3.2 V8 Sport. in Vintage Cars. BMW 645 Ci SPORTS COUPE JUST 38,000, MILES PRISTINE. in Vintage Cars. 1974 Cadillac 502 engine and gearbox. in Vintage Cars. 1984 triumph acclaim. in Vintage Cars. SPECIAL OFFER..800PK Cable Ties.Free Delivery.
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Genuine vintage pieces from the 1920s to 1980s can be found in flea markets or in the attic, by contrast. Genuine or as imitations: Vintage reminds us of the good old days: summer holidays with the grandparents, the first ride in grandpa's' vintage car and the best apple pie from grandma's' enamelled mould.
Vintage - definition of vintage by The Free Dictionary.
champagne, port from a particular vintage millésimé e. non-vintage champagne champagne non millésimé. This is vintage comedy at its best C'est' le summum des grands classiques de la comédie. vintage car n voiture f d'époque' vintage wine n. from a particular year vin m millésimé.
VINTAGE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Like every proper student, you wore vintage, of course. Cooking retro is an easy way to score culinary style points think of it as the equivalent of wearing vintage. Fashion-conscious customers are buying brooches now and they're' mostly interested in vintage.
Vintage Wikipedia.
A vintage wine is one made from grapes that were all, or primarily, grown and harvested in a single specified year. In certain wines, it can denote quality, as in Port wine, where Port houses make and declare vintage Port in their best years.
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Franse Vintage, Petticoat Bustle Antieke Kleding, Franse antieke Kleding Frans Borduurwerk, Mannequin Vintage Bruiloft., 5 van 5 sterren 1.440. Nog maar 1 item s beschikbaar en 1 andere persoon heeft het in zijn winkelwagen. Aan favorieten toevoegen. Kleine gevulde dierlijke bisounours, vintage jas, Bisounours hart, vintage Bisounours.,
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vintage - Wiktionary.
vintage comparative more vintage, superlative most vintage. attributively Of or relating to a vintage, or to wine identified by a specific vintage. attributively Having an enduring appeal; high-quality. attributively Classic such as watches, video or computer games from the 1980s and early 1990s, old magazines, etc.

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